Ground Breaking Ceremony

​May 1, 2018

Sensory Wave Panel with Chimes

*UPDATE - Nov. 29, 2017*

​Members of Parents For Joy attended the City Council meeting last night. We have AMAZING news! We will not be getting the $300+k from the grant like we had planned. We will be receiving  $505,000  

from the Parkland Facilities Fee Fund instead!! The grant money will go to updating the Atascadero Lake Park.

We are still fundraising and taking in-kind donations, but we will only need approximately $150k to FINISH the playground! We will be breaking ground on JOY Playground on May 1, 2018. We want to thank the City of Atascadero for being on board with this project from the start. We are so excited for the next phase of this project!

Expression Swing with Toddler Seat

Parents For Joy has worked with the City of Atascadero to get the land to build JOY Playground. The plans have been approved and our permits are ready to go!

GameTime has come out with some new equipment for 2017 and we plan to add them to our design. We will be adding  the Sensory Spinning Seat (with seatbelt), the Expressions Swing with Toddler Seat as well as an inclusive swing version, and the Sensory Wave Panel with Chimes.


Sensory Spinning Seat

Parents For Joy

paving the way so all kids can play!