These are the little darlings we all look up to, inspiring us to make this playground.  As parents, family members, and teachers of children with special needs, we watch our children struggle to learn daily activities that typical children pick up easily. We encourage them to work harder to catch up in school and participate with the other kids -- and it is work for them. Play time shouldn't be a struggle too.  

Play time should include everyone. This playground would allow for play time to be fun, not work, for all kids of every ability and need.  It would be a playground where no one would have to sit on the side and watch - even parents and grandparents will find it more accessible.

Here are pictures of just a few of the actual children in our community who will use this playground.  Imagine the joy that you could help bring into the lives of these kids (over 1,100 in this county alone).  - see how you can help!


Parents For Joy

paving the way so all kids can play!